We really love the Murray Haven lifestyle and embrace any activities that are part of living in the village.

We are happy to join in any activities that the social club has organised. We have also made many friends in Tocumwal that we are very happy to socialise with.

"We will continue to embrace the Murray Haven lifestyle."

----- Margaret & Graeme Ashton -----

After holidaying up here in Tocumwal for many years...

...we settled in Murray Haven. The life style is perfect for us and very close to Tocumwal Golf Course. We are very happy to say Murray Haven has lived up to our expectations. We have been here now for six years from 17th Dec 2005. We really do have the best neighbours and we have met lots of people. It's a friendly town.

We now have a really great Community Hall which is an added benefit to us all. Residents are very lucky to have a place where we can gather to have a chat, get to know each other and exchange ideas. Sue & Geoff Burry are always very helpful and always ready to listen to any views and suggestions. 'Murray Haven Lifestyle' is definitely our last and final move.

"Moments in a lifetime are memories in our hearts."

----- Elizabeth & David Reid -----

We searched around Victoria for a retirement village
suitable for us...

... and couldn't find anything. We were about to give up, when we saw an ad in the Bowl Magazine for Murray Haven and decided to investigate.

We both love Tocumwal so when we had a talk to Geoff, and a visit, we knew this is where we wanted to spend our retirement.

We moved into Murray Haven April 2008, and so far it is all of what we expected. We were able to bring our 2 shitzus with us and we are very happy.

----- Alex & Marion Pokrovsky -----

As relative 'new comers' to Murray Haven village...

... we have found the village, its surroundings and our fellow residents all to our expectations.

We have settled into this relaxed way of living so easily. Our home is as we need - small and compact, yet able to entertain on the deck at the 'drop of a hat' with any visitors that come to call and say hello.

We have found the towns people of Tocumwal to be welcoming and friendly. Roll on the 'next thirty years' of relaxed, happy retirement.

----- Kevin & Wendy Hovey -----